Oil Services fishing and milling services

Fishing is the operation of recovering an object that is stuck, damaged, or lost in the wellbore. Doumicom oil Services provide a vast range of Fishing Tools and Engineering Services. Our tools ranges from: catch tools, fishing stroking tools such as jars, intensifiers, and bumper subs, junk retrieval tools, mil ling and cutting tools, as well as repair and remedial tools. We have the capacity to provide maintenance services with our trained engineering team meeting all standards. Fishing tool are designed differently to perform specific operation, which is to utilize the fishing to make bottom hole assembly, each tool helps to enhance the performance of the other in order to provide the effective and minimum cost free solution for all type of fishing operation.


We offer services such as:

  • Workovers which include packer milling and retrieving in all types and sizes,
  • Bridge plus milling retrieving and Recover liners.
  • Abondonment: Onshore (multiple and single cuts of all sizes).
  • Offshore (Multiple and single cuts of all sizes).
  • Recovery Mud line and hangers.
  • Fishing (open and cased hole).
  • Drilling operations
  • Recovery of lost and stock pipe, junk, lost hole and workover operations.
  • Window Milling: we are experienced in both bottom trips, hydraulic set single trip types of whip-stocks section milling.
  • Milling: casing, Tubing, junk, Cement milling, Rotary-top drive-motors turbines) dressing fish necks, downhole restrictions.
  • Under reaming: All sizes of reamers.