Oil Services jars and downhole rental services

Doumicom oil services Limited as an NOV representative in Nigeria, offer rental and sales of oil tools which include the rental of drilling jars, accelerators, hole openers stabilizers, roller reamers, Ander reamers and Ander drifts etc.
We have a range of drilling jars such as the Hydraulic/Mechanical drilling jar. A drilling jar is used to create an impact and impulse force to jar free a stuck drill string. Doumicom Oil Services provides a wide range of drilling jars for drilling straight, directional and horizontal or extended reach. We have different range of drilling tools ranging from double-acting Hydraulic and Mechanical drilling jars.
The Hydraulic/Mechanical drilling jars is a hydraulic delay up-stroke and down-stroke jars, featuring a mechanical latch, making it a versatile drilling jar for complex drilling programs.
The double acting Hydraulic mechanical drilling jar is similar to the HMJ in design and operation, however, it has the benefit of hydraulic delay down-stroke jar, making it effective for directional and Horizontal and extended reach drilling. This jar is ideal for compression placement in the drill steering because there are no “Bleed through” operations required when tagging or picking up from the bottom.
The feature and benefits include:

  • Hydraulic delay up-stroke jar and mechanical down-stroke jar.
  • Mechanical latch – adjustable release settings.
  • Jet type metering device for the hydraulic delay.
  • Jar replacement can be tension, neutral or compression.
  • Simple to operate. Requires no torque application in the jarring procedure.
  • No unexpected jarring while making connections or drilling.
  • Continuous and consistent jarring performance.
  • Effective in high friction directional, horizontal or extended reach wells.